0:00:00 – Opening

0:00:44 – How to never over react to situations.

0:08:41 – How to handle being a NEW leader standing in front of your NEW team.

0:13:57 – How long to get the (BJJ) Blue Belt?

0:28:56 – Managing people who out-perform you–Best Approach.

0:34:32 – Effectively lead a team who’s members’ goal is only to be “THE BOSS.”

0:45:59 – Lessons learned from 70+ episodes of JOCKO PODCAST.

1:07:11 – How can Jiu Jitsu reduce fear in life?

1:19:26 – Navigating Jiu Jitsu with nagging injuries or being injury prone.

1:29:10 – Capitalizing on a team member NOT being a team player.

1:35:37 – Confronting abuse of authority.

1:48:10 – Dealing with situations where you can’t fire someone due to unions.

1:51:52 – Taking “Ego is the enemy” too far?

2:00:48 – What to do when you’re over worked and coming up short.\

2:04:10 –  Support, Cool Onnit, Amazon, JockoStore stuff, with Jocko White Tea and Psychological Warfare (on iTunes). Extreme Ownership (book), (Jocko’s Kids’ Book) Way of the Warrior Kid, and The Muster002.

2:30:30 – Final Gratitude