0:00:00 – Opening

0:00:18 – How to lead laterally amongst peers were competition is prevalent.

0:04:47 – Dealing with Jiu Jitsu Schools with low-level training.

0:13:56 – How to improve tact while still being aggressive and assertive.

0:20:16 – Will Jiu Jitsu help with emotional bullying? And how?

0:30:32 – how to deal with bitter team members after you get promoted.

0:36:43 – How to prioritize and execute tasks that pile up quickly.

0:46:27 – How to deal with losing in Jiu Jitsu competition.

0:53:01 – How to still be liked while maintaining discipline and authority.

1:00:25 – How to identify an unclear enemy in life.

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1:27:49 – Closing gratitude.


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