0:00:21 – First actions as a new leader.

0:06:41 – Dealing with your team without punishment.

0:12:16 – Clarifying overcoming Fear of Failure.

0:15:34 – Standing up for the right thing VS avoiding conflict.

0:25:38 – How to lead when you’re not “In Charge”.

0:32:01 – How to take Ownership when it’s not your fault.

0:47:08 – How to find time to do thing things you want to do.

0:57:20 – Would Extreme Ownership exist if Jocko would have been fired for the Blue on Blue.

1:01:23 – Should you take risks to save time/energy/be efficient.

1:10:01 – Is it inhumane to detach during extreme scenarios like loss of life. EMT, Firefighters, Doctors, etc.

1:15:39 – Tips for when you have trouble executing on things.

1:19:54 – Support: How to Stay on The Path.

1:52:49 – Closing Gratitude.


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