0:00:00 – Opening

0:04:12 – Ways to avoid injury when starting Jiu Jitsu

0:23:31 – When do you use Decentralized Command with a new group.

0:35:05 – Workouts to become more relaxed in the water & help lower heart rate.

0:45:26 – Dichotomy of the ego.  When to check it and when to let it fly.

0:54:18 – Taking Extreme Ownership, and then the team gets ENTITLED.

1:05:57 – How to deal with toxic/negative people.

1:12:32 – Meyers Briggs personality types and how to avoid creating division in a team.

1:23:01 – How to deal with it when bad things happen to good people around you.

1:27:55 – Cool Internet/Onnit stuff.  Jocko Store.

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