0:00:00 – Opening

0:10:27 – Who is BTF Tony Eafrati?

0:17:10 – Allowing Leif to Give Orders to the men…

0:29:04 – Failures in Planning

0:31:26 – Ups and Downs of THE BATTLEFIELD, and how it made Tony “feel.”

0J:36:11 – Funny Story about Jocko

0:39:47 – Tell-tale signs that someone is Good to Go, or Not up to Snuff.

0:43:37 – Has Tony disagreed with an order from Leif or Jocko.

0:47:33 – One driving characteristic that separates a “dominant alpha Team guy” from everyone else.

0:51:37 – In the Teams, what are the biggest Reputation builders and killers?

0:59:38 – What makes a great NCO?  And who was the best Tony/Jocko knew?

1:05:37 – IN COMBAT:  Accuracy VS. Volume of Fire?

1:11:16 – Tony’s perspective working for Jocko.

1:13:38 – The Early Days when Tony & Jocko were the “young” guys.

1:19:40 – Tony’s BEST Story(s) about BTF.

1:23:41 – Tony’s thought Process on what strategies/ tactics to use against the enemy.

1:28:25 – Tony’s most Difficult thing he’s ever did as a SEAL.  Most fearful moment.

1:30:20 – Tony’s favorite piece of Kit.

1:32:20 – Number 1 Quality that allows a leader to lead others into uncomfortable scenarios.

1:35:16 – Tony’s attitude toward DEATH.

1:37:41 – Training New guys entering the Platoon.

1:41:05 – Civilian life:  Putting the high of WAR behind you.  Are you still searching?

1:47:35 – How do you keep your head in the game when one of your Squad is killed?

1:54:08 – Why is Tony “hard”?

2:03:10 – Dope Internet/Onnit Stuff

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