0:00:00 – Opening

0:00:20 – How to question leadership, and respond to someone questioning your leadership.

0:09:10 – Problems with exhaustion in Jiu Jitsu.

0:20:33 – Steve Jobs was know to be a tyrant of a leader sometimes. Can that work for me, too?

0:33:48 – How to lead people who are older and/or more experienced than you.

0:38:26 – What to do after you’ve pushed your team too far, and into negative attitudes.

0:49:19 – Does Jiu Jitsu truly relate in a real life fight situation?

1:02:02 – Should you ease into getting in shape? Or go Level 9 hard core?

1:23:44 – Why not to draw hard lines in the sand.

1:29:40 – Should you tell the truth about your bad boss to your boss’s boss?

1:44:55 – How to deal with bad luck and not catching a break.

2:07:47 – Closing Gratitude.

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