Jocko Podcast 11: Jocko's Retirement Speech, Leif Babin, Charlie Platoon, Task Unit Bruiser, Stories, Memories, Heroes, and Lessons Learned



0:00:20 - Jocko's Retirement Speech

0:15:31 - Intro to Leif Babin

0:19:31 - About Leif

0:29:41 - Chris Kyle and the Movie, "American Sniper"

0:51:16 - Marc Lee

1:04:25 - Ryan Job

1:29:55 - Tony Eafrati

1:53:19 - [INTERNET QUESTIONS] - Best way to become a SEAL Officer.  Enlist first?  Or straight Officer commission?

2:01:10 - "Tell us a story about BUDS."

2:09:46 - What is Jocko & Leif's favorite Operator specialty?

2:21:07 - How to overcome the "Hand-cuffing" boss who isn't a good leader and doesn't trust his employees?

2:25:01 - To obey or disobey a bad order?

2:33:17 - What to do if you WANT to take ownership, but not sure how.

Jocko Podcast 10: Police, Cussing, and STRESS--Deal with It, USE IT


0:00:00 - 1:02:02 - Book Review: "With the Old Breed," by Eugene Sledge

1:04:04 - How do you balance Extreme Ownership with holding others accountable?

1:15:41 - What are the best ways a Police Officer can mentally condition themselves for unpredictable violence and confrontation?

1:34:39 - What martial art should I put my kids in?

1:42:14 - How to overcome friction as the new leader in a new organization.

1:51:05 - How to learn/practice detachment in real time.

2:00:27 - Cussing and Foul Language?

2:14:35 - Dealing with situational stress in life.

Jocko Podcast #9: "The Motivation" - General Patton, Jiu Jitsu for Streets, Home Gyms, Hero Worship


[0:00:00] - "War as I Knew it" - General George S. Patton


1:15:30 - Is Jiu Jitsu practical for street defense, knives, multiple attackers, etc?

Extension video From Tim Ferriss interview (Facebook)

1:27:36 - Leading UP the chain of command in an organization who's tradition is para-military.

1:33:58 - Essential equipment for a home gym.

1:46:40 - Worrying about hero-worship.

2:05:14 - What motivates Jocko?

Jocko Podcast 8: USMC Manual(Book Review), Physical Limits, Injuries, Fear of Public Speaking


0:00:00 - Book Review: The USMC Manual

1:05:02 - Injury, recovery, and mentality for quicker recovery. Finding Physical limits without recovery.

1:11:15 - What injuries has Jocko gotten? And how did he adapt?

1:19:28 - Fear of Public Speaking and other things.

1:26:42 - When you know you're "that guy" as a leader.

1:31:41 - What is Jocko's biggest weakness? And what is he doing to work through it?

Jocko Podcast 7: Where Does Discipline Come From? Project Jaffna, Gains, & BJJ


Project Jaffna (Book).  Internet questions:  Gains While Getting Older, BJJ Partners, Where Does Discipline Come From?

Jocko Podcast 6: Napoleon, Aggression, Mind Control


Navy SEAL, Jocko Willink and Director, Echo Charles discuss winning tactics. Internet questions: Agression, Jiu Jitsu Academies, Character Judgement, and Mind Control.

Jocko Podcast 5: Corrective Measures, Workouts, Diet, Marcinko and Rollins


Navy SEAL, Jocko Willink and Director, Echo Charles discuss leadership corrective measures, as well as firing. Internet questions: Workout, diet, Henry Rollins, Richard Marcinko.


Jocko Podcast 4: Rendezvous With Death, Disrespect, Workouts


0:00:00 - 1:07:32  >  "Rendezvous" /   Book, "Battle Leadership" (Adolf Von Schell)

1:07:32  >  Internet Questions

Jocko Podcast 3: Jocko & Echo (The Last Hundred Yards [book], Jiu Jitsu, Bosses, Failure)

0:00:00 - 1:09:19  >  "The Last Hundred Yards" Book concepts review and relevance.

1:09:19 - 1:48:24  >  Internet Questions and concepts.   Jiu Jitsu: Gi?  Or No Gi?  Micromanagers?  Friends and Family?  Inept Bosses?  Failure and how to deal with it.